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Hunan Wentai Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2015, is Yuelu Yuelu Science and Technology Industrial Park in Hunan focus on the introduction of high-tech company with a registered capital of 25 million yuan, the company has 90 employees, a professor Engineering 1, Dr 5, 15 master's degree, undergraduate education accounted for 90%.

Our main business is new energy vehicle power battery systems, including battery management system (BMS), the battery pack's overall program of research and development, integration, production, marketing implementation. Products are widely used in different areas of new energy vehicles, communications backup power station, home storage, UPS and so on, all to meet the different needs of customers, determined to become the most professional of the new energy battery systems integration service providers.

August 2015, the company was named 2015 "Changsha intelligent manufacturing pilot" first "business model" has become one of the ten "business model M. The company's new energy automotive battery intelligent manufacturing project Changsha intelligent manufacturing _ the first batch of pilot demonstration projects.

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